“AVP Integral” was founded in 1993.

“AVP Integral” provides equipment and components for mechanical engineering to different industries including oil and gas industries in Europe, and Asia. Over the past 20 years, the company has gained valuable experience in producing bi-layer and multilayer clad plates, which are produced by explosion welding in a wide range of specifications.

Our sale divisions actively supply a large number of petrochemical mechanical engineering plants with the following components: bimetal finned tubes, bi-metal plates, tube sheets, connections, flanges, taps and fittings with or without cladding.

We can deliver housing flanges for heat exchange equipment and petrochemical reactors (up to 6000 mm diameter), with or without corrosion-resistant cladding. Working with clients and their drawings and requirements, we can also supply elliptic and spherical bottoms from bi-metal plates, the width of which is up to 160 mm with a diameter up to 8000 mm.

Constant development of production capacities and highly qualified personnel have allowed the company to develop successfully and expand its sales internationally. Over the past few decades, deliveries to the following countries have been made: Romania, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Poland, Finland, Germany, Columbia, Singapore, Qatar, South Korea, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, all Baltic States.

Our engineering department mainly consists of experienced specialists, who previously worked at Tallinn Mechanical Engineering Plant, and who have long-term experience in engineering and the production of heat-exchange and petrochemical equipment. As of today, we are able to develop and engineer any equipment from bi-materials (reactors, columns, heat-exchangers, etc.) from the engineering and settlement stage up to the required engineering documentation necessary for our company and leading organizations in West Europe and South Korea to produce the equipment. We are able to work independently or collaborately with other project organizations. Constant training of engineering personnel and further qualification allows us to conform to ASME and EN PED97/23.

We closely follow innovations and invest into new technologies and this allows us to be among the leaders in our field. The company has conducted research and development projects with Tallinn University of Technology for several years.

Our trading division, working with targeted businesses, closely cooperates with the largest and the best European plants, producing metal products. “AVP Integral” delivers plates from carbon, alloyed, and chromium-molybdenum steel (width up to 4800 mm), stainless steel, copper, bronze, and brass alloys (width up to 3200 mm), and nickel alloys and various alloys (width 3200 mm).

....Precise execution of all client requests, attention to the smallest of details, and great experience allow us to execute work at the highest level and with strict compliance to quality standards.

An independent laboratory thoroughly checks compliance with the highest standards and quality of production. Production is destructive and non-destructive tested and checked for its chemical composition and mechanical properties, which assures the quality of the end product for clients.

Key dates in “AVP Integral” history

1993 – Company formed by the employees of Tallinn Mechanical Engineering Plant

1996 – Company starts deliveries of metal to Baltic States

1998 – Main profile is the delivery of materials for petrochemical mechanical engineering (flanges, tube sheets, tubes and other components)

2006 – Company starts production of bi-metal plates by explosion welding

2008 – In-house production starts in Estonia

2012 – Production of petrochemical equipment

2013 – Vertical columns produced from clad-metals


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